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How Much Is It To Demolish A House

When you own a home that has been damaged beyond repair by fire, extreme weather or neglect, the sooner you have it torn down, the better. In many cases, it’s more economical to simply demolish the existing structure and start over than it is to undertake major remediation work.

How Much Does House Demolition Cost?

If you’re wondering how much your particular home demolition project will cost, this guide will help you understand what’s involved with the demolition process and what to look for when comparing quotes from different house demolition companies.

We know that every project is unique – that’s why we don’t price our house demolition services on a flat-rate basis. By providing custom quotes for every one of our customers you’re guaranteed that you’ll only pay for the time, labor and disposal fees it takes to complete your specific project – and you won’t be charged for services you don’t need.

What Impacts the Price of House Demolition?

As you might have expected, the most important factor when pricing house demolition is the size of the structure. In general, the larger your unwanted house is, the more demolition will cost, although demolition of a small house that contains hazardous materials and is located in a spot that’s hard to reach may actually cost more than a much larger house does.

Here are the factors that impact the price of house demolition:

  • The total size of the building
  • How the house is constructed (brick homes cost more to tear down than wood framed homes)
  • Whether or not any material needs to be salvaged, such as stained glass windows, plumbing fixtures and wood trim
  • Whether or not there is lead paint in the home
  • How far the house is from the nearest waste management site
  • The presence of a buried oil tank, septic system or other underground utilities

At Next Day Demolition, we also include all the demolition permits, inspection fees and comprehensive insurance coverage in our house demolition pricing.

Is It More Expensive to Demolish a House That Contains Asbestos?


By law, asbestos must be safely contained and disposed of at an approved hazardous waste site. This can add significant costs to the total home demolition price, however, the extra costs are always much lower than the fines and potential lawsuits are that come with cutting corners on asbestos removal.

Does Partial House Demolition Cost Less Than Tearing Down a Whole House?

While it might seem like demolishing only a section of your house should cost less than it would to tear the whole structure down, the fact is that partial demolition work is usually much more time-consuming and labor-intensive than a total tear-down is.

With partial house demolition work most of the labor needs to be done by hand, the building needs to be carefully inspected by a structural engineer and utility services must be handled with a great deal of care. This is why many property owners simply opt to tear down the entire home and build an new structure instead of trying to preserve a portion of their damaged house.

Contact Our House Demolition Experts Today For Your Free Estimate

Here at Next Day Demolition we take the guesswork out of house demolition pricing by providing free, no-obligation estimates. Our friendly, experienced home demolition estimator will inspect your property, explain our services and provide you with an accurate, up-front quote so you’ll know exactly what your house demolition will cost before you hire a demolition contractor.


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