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Key questions to ask a demolition specialist before hiring them

Demolishing existing structures to make way for a new building or addition is a thrilling undertaking that could end up being a bit of a golden egg in the long run. Imagine how much resale value you could add, or how much rent you could accrue as a landlord once your done but if you’re not thinking about the demolition part of the project then you do not see the whole picture yet.

Almost all demolition must be carried out by experienced professionals to ensure it happens safely. But you also want pros who will do a better job than you could at a reasonable cost. The first thing to consider is the type of property your demolition project is centered around. Is it a residential property, commercial, or industrial? Does it need to be torn down completely, gutted, or purged of hazardous material? These questions and more will be addressed when you call us at Next Day Demolition.

However, not all property owners know that there are some crucial questions that they, in turn, should be asking their Laurel-Jessup Maryland demolition contractors before any services are engaged.

When you are talking to prospective demolition contractors in Laurel or Jessup Maryland, remember to ask them at least the following questions before putting them on your shortlist.

1. How will you obtain the permits and permissions?
In order to be able to operate legally as a demolition contractor in Laurel Maryland, they must be able to secure the correct permits and approvals from the local authorities. Without these approvals and permits, it is not possible for a contractor to lawfully demolish any type of structure.

2. How much experience does the demolition team have?
The entire team should have a certain amount of experience, individually and together if they are going to work together safely and efficiently. How else can the demolition crew work as a cohesive team? And remember, this has nothing to do with how long the company has been in business—ask specifically about the team they will send to your project.

3. Is disposal of debris included?
Demolition is one thing, but some companies count disposal as an entirely separate entity. Don’t learn if your chosen company is one of those when they drive away, leaving you with a pile of rubble in your lot. Disposal can cost more than the demolition work itself, so if the two jobs aren’t part of one efficient package, say “pass” and call Next Day Demolition immediately. We include this cost, so you get one single price for a complete job.

4. What kind of equipment do you use?
This comes down to simple mathematics: demolition contractors in Laurel & Jessup Maryland that use modern maintained equipment will be able to complete your project safer and more efficiently than a cheap company with old equipment. Make sure that the firms you are considering have good quality power tools and excavators at their disposal.

Finally, ask for a detailed quote from anyone you intend on doing business. Next Day Demolition satisfies all of your questions right in this process, by telling you exactly what it will cost—no hidden fees. Call us and see! Serving Laurel, Jessup, Elkridge, Savage, Ft Meade, Odenton and more!


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